What happened ??

So there’s this guy in my class whom for the entire whole semester I️ completely did not Know existed. The past two weeks he recently changed his seats and sat next to me. ( in college we don’t just change seats, we stay in the same all year.) so I️ found it weird that he went out of his way to sit right next to me when for two months he sat up front. At first I️ thought it was random then he continued to sit right Next to me. Then on day two he introduced himself to me( so in my head I’m like okay so he did sit by me on purpose). He was such a sweetheart. Then that same weekend he came to one of my events( I️ don’t know if this was random or if he knew it was my event) he said his friend invited him. At the event he asked for my number to let him know of any other events my organization has. In my mind, I’m like okay he’s definitely showing interest in me and what I️ do. We talked casually in class the next day. After class I️ texted him for the first time because I️ wanted assistance on an assignment. He ended up asking if I️ wanted to get together sometime to study. I️ said I️ was interested in getting together to study. He didn’t respond after this. Two days and no response later, we are back in class. He usually says hi to

me atleast. Today he said nothing at all. He barely acknowledged me like he usually does. What does this mean? I️ know I didn’t do anything to like run him off?