I think I hurt my friends feelings (long)

First off, my bff is my neighbor lol she lives with her bf. They are down to one car now and her bf just starting working and has day shifts. She works night shifts. A lot more than sometimes, I’ll give her a ride cuz she goes to work at 9pm.

But I go to sleep around 7-8 (I’m not shitting you, I love to sleep and get my rest because I work at 5am). I’ve been so tired lately because I’ve been going to the gym after work at don’t get home till about 7:30.

But yesterday she asked if I could give her a ride to work and I said no because I wanted to go to sleep early ( I was going to bed late the last few days like around midnight). And I felt like she tried to guilt trip me by saying she’s gonna have to leave work to pick up her bf when he gets off and blah blah. Our boss is cool with it as long as we’re not gone for more than 20 mins which she wouldn’t be cuz her bf works like five mins away from work and home.

I had went to the store yesterday and when I came back home, she was outside and I was saying hey and trying to make convo and she was being so dry and rushed back inside...this is after I said no.

And this morning, ( we also work at the same place lol ) and when I come in the mornings (she does overnight) she was already getting in her car and trying to leave before the shift was over. I honked at her so she can see that I was here.

She almost ALWAYS stays and we talk for a few mins!

I think she’s feeling some type of way because I said no. I hate to be like this, but her inconveniences are not mine. Her bf has a car he just won’t fix it. And it kinda bothers me that they started planning for a big trip but didn’t fix their car so it feels like they have their priorities wrong. That’s just me tho. I want to be able to just come home ( yesterday was not a gym day) and relax and not have to leave my apt after being home. She out of all people understands how much I appreciate sleep lol. This was only ONE time that I have said no I couldn’t take her. And she’s picks up her bf having to leave work to get him plenty of times! She says she just didn’t want to have to do all that...

And to mention I’ve had to ask her for a ride or two here and there and there were times she couldn’t because she wasn’t home or in the area which I understand. It’s literally a ten minute walk from home and like a two minute drive. I’ve walked home more times than gotten a ride when I didn’t have a car.

Was it wrong for me to say no?