TMI - Weird CM during sex

Melissa • I`m a newlywed who just got married August 23, 2014. My hubby and I have officially been together for 4 years and are trying for our rainbow baby. We lost our first at 8 weeks in December. <3

So I'm at CD 23 today. Yesterday morning my hubs and I were BDing for fun (lol) and in the middle of it, when I got off him to switch positions (told you, tmi), I noticed this huge blob of white mucus (tmi, again). It was not from him. It was at least an inch worth and really thick and super white looking. I have NEVER seen that before and I don't check my CM regularly at all (I know I should).

Is that normal for where I'm at in my cycle? I was supposed to have ovulated according to my opks CD 16/17.