How do you get the blood tests?

W • Married to my dream boat. MC Jan 2015. Baby #1 due 1-10-16. Hoping for a healthy 9 months!
I live in Chicago, and for every doc you'd go to when you call to make an appointment you're not usually speaking to a nurse that works with the doc; you're speaking to someone at a call center who only makes appointments. I called for my obgyn today and the guy was nice, but not super helpful. My first appt (her first available) Isn't until June 3rd, when I'll be 8 weeks. Which I know is about right for timing. 
But because I had a mc in January, I'd really like to get my levels checked and have a blood test confirm that in pregnant. Because I'm a worry wart. 
So... NOW who do I call?  Because all the phone line people are going to say is "her first available appointment is:" 
I hate healthcare in the city. It's so impersonal. Lol. I love my doc, but wish I spoke to someone AT HER OFFICE when I called to make appointments. Lol