Wish I was happier with my sex life


Look y’all I’ve been married for 2years now. I love my husband so much but my sex life kinda sucks. I want more sex and please believe I’ve talked to my husband about it he said he would do better but no. Now we found out he had type 2 diabetes so we both made some lifestyle changes to the point where they completely took him off insulin. I know diabetes and weight can all have an effect on a mans sex drive and I am very understanding to that so I don’t make such a big deal. But now I feel like I play with myself more than I have sex.

DHe knows i have a high sex drive and I’ve definitely changed that about myself because of him. But it’s started to take a toll on my self esteem I don’t feel desired or sexy. I even ask for it which makes me feel even worse and when I ask it’s a 50/50 chance it might happen if he doesn’t fall asleep. I’ve even thought about stepping out but that’s really not in my character but the thought has crossed my mind and I feel awful about it. Not quite sure what to do I almost feel stuck. I just want some good passionate love making

Don’t get me wrong when we do have sex it’s great I just want more of it. I want to feel wanted. It’s so frustrating

I tried lingerie giving random oral sex even going to bed naked or with no panties... ugggh what do I do?