Prescription drugs and ttc/pregnancy help

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This may be a long post!

Basically I have suffered with severe abdominal pain for around 4 years on and off the dr and consultant keep fobbing me off with ibs and I finally had a colonoscopy and bowel cancer screening last Thursday.

I have been prescribed pregabalin and tramadol for a while and although they don’t actually treat the cause they mask the pain somewhat.

I’ve tried googling it all and there’s so many mixed feedback. I’ve stopped taking pregabalin as my gp advised whilst ttc but he said to still take tramadol and codeine. Are these safe to take whilst ttc or in early stages of pregnancy? He knows I’m ttc and still advised to take them but I’ve been ttc since March and nothing yet and I don’t know if the drugs are hindering the chances. I know once I find out I’m pregnant I’ll go back and let them know but at the moment I’ve had to be signed off Work because I physically can’t move!

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks x