20 pregnant & boyfriend made me feel some type of way

Well we're pregnant w. Our first kid... & have been dating for a couple years. We met in college and are still in school. We were talking about marriage... not only because I really do not want my child to be born out of wedlock but because I actually love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him. I have been quite emotional lately (I'm basically 8 months pregnant) and he's skeptical because we've been having little spats lately. Shit pissed me tf off. Idc what anyone says, a woman makes a larger sacrifice. We have to carry the baby, and a lot of files things fall on our shoulders!! And I'm the one who has to walk around campus and live on campus 8 months preg and you telling me cause I have emotions WHILE IM PREGNANT you're skeptical? I just feel like he doesn't truly love me. I feel like I'm making these sacrifices and yes he does work more to save so we can provide for the baby but I still feel sad and that morally I'm making more of a sacrifice. I feel like I shouldn't have to wait until he's ready to get married. I just might say no..