Boyfriend doesn't show interest...

Nothing is that wrong but I've just realised my boyfriend never really asks how I am or How my day was or what I've been up to? I will ask him and he will answer but won't even ask what about you back?

A few days ago I said I was meeting a girl I had been talking to and he had no idea even though I had been talking to her for about 3 months. I hadn't really realised I hadn't told him but I think it was just because he never asked. Or we never really spoke for it to come up?

Its just made me realise. He tends to get wrapped up in himself and his depression so should I just sort of leave him be and say its down to that? Or should I bring it up even if it risks upsetting him?

I'm not angry I just would quite like him to take an interest in me and act like he cares. Say if I'm upset ask me why and listen. Instead he will just sort of ignore it until I feel better and talk normally.

Its almost like any feeling or moods I have are irrelevant because his are so much worse or more drastic?