31 weeks 6 days

Terria • January 2, 2018 🤱🏾🍼💕

Daddy and I broke up when I was 4 months I’m now 8 months pregnant with my baby girl. He think it’s oKay to talk to me however and go back and forth between telling me he wants to be there and he doesn’t because we won’t be together. He had been through like 10 gf since I’ve been gone and each time he gets a new one that’s when his emotional abuse gets to a high point. Recently he’s called and told me I shouldnt be mad because I did want to be with him and it almost seems like he wants me to be mad he’s in a relationship. His new gf which he’s had. For like 3 days encourages him to continue talking to me about the baby.

I don’t want to be with him but I also feel almost guilty that’s that’s not what I want. Is it just the hormones or what?