I dont know how I feel about my boyfriend anymore


Just lately,my boyfriend has changed so much.He used to be the soppiest,most romantic guy ever,we would spend all our time together,never get bored of each others company.We could sit inside,chillin,watching TV for hours.Conversations where easy.We had so much fun and when it came to sex we where always trying new things.But now,it's so different.Arguments are common.He dosent seem as passionate,both physically and emotionally.Being with him feels like a chore now and I find myself thinking about the way it used to be regularly.He used be be a relatively quiet person too,not interested in partying.Now all he seems to want to do is go to clubs till 4 am drinking.Hes started listening to tonnes of rap music and talks like a complete chav.I find myself not trusting him either.He just seems so disinterested in me now.I feel like an annoyance all the time.I just want to feel important again.He is everything to me but it dosent feel the same vice versa.In all honesty,I love my boyfriend,I do,but he is so different now and sometimes I really don't know how to feel anymore