Manager acting like my mom 😂😂

My manager just got done throwing me all kinds of shade and telling me how awful my mother and I are because when I was 17 my mom knew I was having sex with my boyfriend, knew she couldn't stop it, so she gave us condoms. She said no parent should do that and that I shouldn't have been having sex that young. I ended up marrying him (married for a year now) and we are STD free and trying really hard to get pregnant. I'm 21 and he is 23. She also said that it's against the law for my 17 year old sister to make out with a 19 year old. 😂 No it's not, especially since my mother also gave consent. My sister is not having sex though, she isn't that way and wants to wait. My manager said I am and was a bad example. If I was or am, oh well! I am living my life happy as can be and that's all that matters. People kill me!! 😂

** She knows this because we work together all day and have become friends. We were just talking about high school and our relationships and stuff. I have told her worse things and didn't think she would be so judgemental and stuff. I am a naturally very open person and have nothing to hide.