Miscarriage guilt

Kassie • Married 10/23/15. Pregnant with our first ❤️

On October 11th I found out I was pregnant with our first child and on October 20th I began to miscarry our baby. I️ still can’t believe it happened. I️ was only 5 weeks and we only knew for about a week and a half but the sadness and disappointment was still soul crushing. We were so excited. We wanted to announce it to our families on thanksgiving and were already looking at ways of announcing. We were both devastated. It actually happened to me 10 years ago which really worries me. But back then I️ was only 19 years old and I️ was scared to death to tell my family so as horrible as it sounds I️ was relieved. Now I️ can’t help feeling this is like a punishment. I’m so afraid of this happening again but my husband has been incredibly supportive and reassured me that this will happen for us and we are not going to ever give up. I️ just hope he is right.