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Elise ✨ • 20 // first daughter 🌷

So, I'm the oldest of two sisters. Since the beginning of my pregnancy, both of them had tried to put hands on me while I've had this baby, stressed me out, & one of them has even said many bad things about my baby. I've gotten things like "you should've gotten an abortion then" to "your boyfriend doesn't love you, I don't know why you're having a baby." & from the get go I told my mother I do NOT want them at my baby shower, as they had said themselves they weren't even bothering to go. I'm cool with that , don't want them there anyway. & now, I overhear a conversation as to when my mom is gonna go out and buy an outfit for my sisters to wear at the shower. Uh hello? I specifically said I didn't want them to go. My mom continuously has been saying "no seas egoista" (if ya'll don't know spanish it means not to be selfish). This pregnancy hasn't been easy for me, emotionally and mentally. I haven't had one day where I wasn't stressing out because of them. I even mentioned that if they do go, I'd rather not even attend my own baby shower. That's how serious it is. It was so bad that I went to Florida temporarily. I couldn't stay there because I already have my life together where I originally live. I just don't want them there. Simple as that. I just need some thoughts on the topic.