Today was my day!!! Was it yours?


For the past week I've been really nauseous & tired.... & my period is 4 days late. Today I woke up around 8 AM with horrible indigestion & vomited. I went to Wal-Mart & picked up two pregnancy tests & took them as soon as I got home. Both came back very faint positive. Then, I went back to Wal-Mart (because I was shocked & wanted to be sure) & bought one more & it came back positive...

I immediately called the doctor to see if they could test me & at 1 pm I went to the doctor to get tested & sure enough I am pregnant. Only 4-6 weeks, we found out earlier than normal. 😊 my boyfriend is super excited & we go to our first ultrasound November 27th.

Was today the day you got your BFP?