What to do

So my on again off again boyfriend is about to leave to go to schoolies in a few weeks. ( for non Australians, schoolies is a week long trip interstate for year 12s who have just graduated. They go out clubbing and partying every night. And the past years have been so bad with drugs and drinking that there have been petitions to end it indefinitely. Also people mainly go to get with people and they just sleep around with as many people as they can)

Anyway, my boyfriend has already cheated on me several times. He’s kissed a few girls, but hasn’t slept with any. I’m worried he will sleep with chicks while he’s up there.

His mates don’t give a damn about us and convinces him to go get with chicks.

What do I do?

And how do i bring up that I think he will cheat on me?

Like honestly, I’m 96% sure he will cheat on me. Especially while he’s drunk.