Trying to be friends with my ex HELP

So I'm kinda frustrated because my ex contacted me twice asking me to be friends a couple of weeks ago. He told me that if we were friends that he would come and visit me. When I almost agreed to being his friend he started talking about his new ex girlfriend and told me that he wanted to be friends with all his exes.... so I did the logical thing which was cut his ass off my life. But somehow I still feel dissatisfied I feel like I should have been his friend. I can't help but still be drawn to this guy.. I want to be his friend or in his life but I hate how annoying and frustrating he is... idk what are his intentions, if it's just friends or is it more and I don't want to spend to much time on it but it's def on my mind. I need help? Should I add him on IG without contacting him?