Saw my midwife today after a fast text giving me 30 minutes heads up about our appointment (she comes to my house to do my appointments) and we discussed the hospital not being able to see me but they wrote to her and said from week 34 they will get me in to discuss method of delivery and the like which is progress!! Im 26+4 right now so not too far away.

Got my script for my iron tablets which are so overdue and needed, my referral for a 2hr gtt test (because my insulin levels won't raise properly anyway cause of my pcos and hormone production) so we are going straight to diagnostic testing.

I then got a referral for a 28w growth scan because of previous polyhydramnios (excess fluid) which was spontaneous and not explained and caused LGA (Large for Gestational Age) baby. So I have that at 28w and I will have another at 32w to take into the hospital so they can have more information about the baby to make a decision, coupled with my past pregnancy there and the information from the gynaecology department for my continual CIN monitoring and colposcopies.

Im so ready to be done with this pregnancy based purely on the issues involved and the fact that I am making everyone work hard for their paychecks 😂

This week is exam week so I had one yesterday, oral exam today, and exams for the next two days so once I get through this then its a week off before hitting summer school and its all downhill from there!!

Progress makes me happy and more content lol