how would u deal w this?

ive been pregnant before, the 1st one in my fam to get pregnant too. anyways, im pregnant again w my 4th, my oldest sis is pregnant w me too, and she has been coming to me for advices. i also have another big sis, shes never been pregnant, but she always give me advices, and argue back w me about pregnancy as if shes been there before. like one time, my oldest sis asked me when we will know the gender, and i told her usually 21 wks, my other sis started arguing w me that it isnt right, too early. another time, my oldest sis asked how many appts there are, i told her every 2wks, but once youre near your due date, once a wk. my other sis started correcting me that theyre all once a mth. like girl..., ive been there before, ik better. how would u deal w this?