my boyfriend has never really gone down on me

so we’ve been together for a year and a half. To understand this, I’ll give a bit of backstory. Before I was with him, I had never done more than kiss a boy, so I was pretty shy about sexual adventures. We had sex before I was comfortable enough to give him head. I was afraid of giving him head for the lonnnggest time (probably 6-8 months into our relationship is when I started). I remember telling him very early on that I was kind of grossed out by giving or receiving head. Clearly things have changed though as I do it all the time for him.

But here we are, a year and a half later! I am now involved and loving this world of intimacy. I give him head pretty much all the time when I see him, but he doesnt do the same for me and has never brought it up.

I really want to know what it feels like and if its any different than being fingered! How can I bring it up again? And how can I not be embarrassed by him being so close to my private parts? Any advice is welcome! Thanks ladies ❤️