Just want some opinions ladies


A little history about myself to start off with. My boyfriend and I got pregnant July 2016 and miscarried in August. It was an unplanned pregnancy but after the loss we decided we actually wanted to try for a baby now. Then in December conceived again but found out it was ectopic in early January. After this we were still ttc as my doctor said with two different kind of losses there is no reason everything couldn’t go perfectly fine the next time around. 7 months later and no luck. However we recently became engaged and are planning a wedding for September of next year. I was pretty set on not ttc anymore until after the wedding bc I know what the heartbreak feels like to lose a baby, but now I just keep seeing all these women getting pregnant and it just makes me realize how bad I still want a baby and how hard waiting will be to try again. Soo what I’m asking is, what do you ladies think..wait till after the wedding to try again or just go for it now?