Help!! Evaps?

Amy ā€¢ Married 7/4/11, had our first daughter šŸ’– 12/31/11, Surrogate mother x2 (girl and then b/g twins!), second daughter šŸ’– 8/22/18, trying asap for our 3rd!!

Hey all, I'm wondering if this is my month because I've had a few signs of pregnancy. My husband and I tried on and off for 5 years, I say "off" because I was a surrogate mother twice (once with a baby girl and the second time with boy/girl twins).

Anyway, I took a Walmart cheapie and it was positive.... so then I took a bunch more. I've had faint lines on 3 frer's but a few negatives too. I'm generally very aware of where I'm at in my cycles but these tests have confused the crap out of me. I have a doctors appointment on Friday to help us with fertility and I'm going to bring in my tests and request a blood test.

My question is:

Did your tests look like mine and you got your period?

I really wonder if they're evaps, but then again maybe they're not? I'M GOING CRAZY!