Late period


My last period was in August (the last week of) and I haven’t gotten one since. I have taken three pregnancy tests and nothing. I just stopped taking my birth control in June to start trying with my husband. I have had irregular periods before and the birth control seemed to helped. I am a bit overweight and this might have something to do with it but I’m just so confused. I want to try having a baby but it’s impossible when you don’t get your period. I once skipped 5 months when I was younger. I’m 20 and should be ovulating regularly. Is it me? Am I doing something to keep my body from having a period? I’m new to this state, I have no insurance yet and can’t visit a doctor. I get that it’s not a good idea to try to conceive with no insurance but we aren’t actively trying with this whole “no period” situation. Just to clarify. Anyways, any suggestions?