Boyfriend problems.

Taylor • engaged•mom of both 🎣🎀

I am in a very difficult situation. I am only 21 and I have two young boys 5 & 2. I have always wanted a family since I had my first one so me and my two boys moved in with my youngest sons father, it's my first time out on my own. We've only lived together for 3-4 months but been off and on for about two years but now that we're in our own home I feel like he is a lot meaner. He knew that when we moved in together I wouldn't be able to work because we only have one car and that's his and he works a odd schedule meaning he never knows when he is going to get off then both my kids have therapist and three out of the four come to our home on different days and different times. Anyways he always calls me means names and says I'm a lazy bitch because I can't work. He'll call me a bitch, slut, cunt and stuff that puts me down like saying I stink when I just took a bath and oh your breath stinks and basically just saying I'm nasty and we just fight so much. In our fights I always say I'm going to leave or he'll tell me "go back to your mommys and daddy's" when he knows I can't. The part that sucks is my oldest is in school here and like I said before i kind of can't go back there. My grandmother moved into my room at my parents house so that leaves just one small bed room for my two kids and I and some other issues he knows about. My oldest behavior therapist even says she's seen a huge impact on how he is doing which I love and is one reason I don't wanna go back. I care for him and enjoy living here with him, it's a better life for my kids and everything but I'm just needing some advise or maybe someone has been in the same situation. Please help me :(