He turned her down!

My fiancé had cheated on me during and after my pregnancy with our first born. He’s 1 now. Since then, we’ve had a lot of issues and fights. I’ve been paranoid and anxious. This random girl messages him on Facebook and he shows me right away. He asked me what he should do and I️ decided to let him do what he wanted to see if he would cheat on me again. Without him knowing, I️ logged into his account and was reading the messages through my phone. She was wanting sex from him! I️ couldn’t believe it! I️ was outraged! But I️ give my fiancé props because he turned her down and told her that he didn’t have any intention on cheating on me, he loved me deeply, and that she could find some other moron to take advantage of because he was happily engaged with a son and another one on the way! I️ had never felt happier! He showed me the conversation later when he blocked her and I️ acted like I️ didn’t know lol but I️ feel extremely happy knowing I️ could trust him to not cheat on me again