Found this shit on his phone... idk what to say...


In the 5 years I’ve known my husband, I have always trusted him. He’s the most honest person I know. I’ve never felt the need to look through his phone. But if I did want to, he wouldn’t hide it from me. Sometimes he looks through mine. He likes to look at my pictures. So he wouldn’t mind if I did the same.

Anyway, one night I got curious as to what’s on his phone. To be honest, it came from reading all these crazy stories here on glow. So I had to take a look, knowing that I could find something I didn’t want to see.

So I open his phone and among all the screenshots he takes, I find this.....

Not just one but two pictures of....

Lmfao so at this point I’m dying. Definitely not what I was expecting to find. Why does this man have not one but two pictures of kids getting shitted on by pigeons Lmao.

I’m trying not to wake him up with my laughter but he’s a heavy sleeper so he doesn’t hear me dying. I’m so confused and relieved I didn’t find something bad.

So the next day I confront him about it. And this man was not embarrassed at all. He just starts laughing and telling me how hilarious the pictures are.

Omg I love this weirdo so much. Never a dull moment. Just had to share lol.