Boy Problems☹️

So this guy I had a class with randomly hit me up about a month ago. Basically we got really close really fast and trusted each other a lot. We were on that line and if we went a little one way we would have been talking, and a little other we would have been just friends. The thing is we talked every single day for weeks. But he never talked to me in person. When i asked about this he said, “pretty girls intimidated him and makes him nervous”. We flirted a lot BTW. I was just confused though. We talked in text about deep and personal things but never in person. Plus there were so many mixed signals. Anyways i ended up asking him why we were talking because i had a right to know. Well, he said we’re just friends and we haven’t really talked since. And i’m very hurt by it. The stuff he would say and just the way he acted and made me felt was so great. But now i never talk to him anymore and I don’t know what to do. Also when we do occasionally talk, he leaves me on open a lot. Then the other day we were chatting and he said he was talking to another girl. That literally crushed me. What should i do. Should i just completely stop talking to him and give up? Should i actually try with him? Or should i just let it be? I am genuinely upset and i miss him and i really wanted something to happen.