I want to feel desire

I'm 23 and a virgin - seeing this guy now who I think will be my first. When we kiss and cuddle and stuff, I don't really feel anything.

Now is the part where some of my friends tell me this must mean that I don't like him, or else I would feel something. I haven't ever liked someone as much as him, and with guys in the past I feel bored with kissing too.

There is no sparks, no physical sensation, and yeah I do get bored with it. Even touching him below the waist doesn't do much for me. I do however get wet, but I want to FEEL something and have that desire. I'm not sure why I don't - I'm thinking it might have something to do with being raised in a conservative family which could've stifled my sexuality.

Any ideas? Similar experiences and how, if you found that desire?