Get pregnant Sooner than you think !!!

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Ladies!!!! PLEASE READ

I have been trying to get pg for alongggg time! More than 3yrs' i am 25 years old.

Alll this time i was stressed thinking that i was not getting pregnant because ive had cyst in the passed. Even though i always had older family members tell me cyst has nothing to do with fertility.

I was always reading blogs, and polls about not trying to conceive and i have never ever read one speaking about what i was diagnose with.

I promised my self that the day i find out was wrong with me or the day i get pregnant i will post and try to help any women with questions in regards to TTC. I know how hard, and sad and angry and broken you can feel, because i have felt that and more myself

I have gotten culture checks and everything seemed "fine".

Until i finally changed my GYN, which i hated her, thought she was the bitchiest person in the world. I told her my situation about trying to conceive and wanting a baby really bad.

She told me she was going to do another culture check, even though i have done one in the past year because she wants to do one her self and be sure and find out was going on with my reproductive system because i look very healthy and i am still young.

Culture check is done, she calls me back 3days after to go in. We all know what that means, i was very very scared and nervous, i had to wait three days because i couldn't miss work, and in three days i would have my day off. LONGEST three days of my lifeeeeeee! Horrified.

Wednesday came, my day off. Luckily my husband's day off as well. We went to the clinic, chlamydia negative, herpis, negative STD negative all.

So what did they find? A STI. Ureaplasma & Mycoplasma! Tiny tiny living bacteria! That might cause temporary infertility. My husband and i both are infected. We both were placed on medication, we are sti on them. We are taking meds for 14 days twice a day.

The saddest part of it all is that doctors rarely check for these bacterias when they do a culture check! Unlesss you tell them!!

So many young man and woman from different ages suffer and believe they are infertile, and because they are low on funds like myself and cant not afford fertility doctors , never find out what is truly wrong with them. Never find out why they couldn't conceive and cry until no more tears are left, the same way i did!

Ureaplasma & Mycoplasma are very popular in alot of us! We just dont know they are there because they show no symptoms! Ask your doctors today to check you for it!

Now i love, adore my gyn doc. She really is trying to help me and is not stopping until we have a belly to rub on and baby to carry.

These bacteria are very rare, and doctors barely and rarely check you for it. Unless you tell them.

Doctors are not very familiar with it neither, i had to do a lot of research on my own.

Mycoplasma and ureaplasma are types of bacteria that can be transferred from one person to another through sexual contact, however they are not classed as sexually transmitted infections.

First identified in the 1980s, this particular infection can cause men to experience non-gonococcal or non-chlamydial urethritis, and women to experience cervicitis. However, it is more commonly asymptomatic. A piece of research has suggested a link between Mycoplasma Genitalium infections and female infertility, as the bacteria has been identified more frequently in the reproductive organs of women with pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). However, in order for a direct link to be confirmed more research into the area is required.

A couple symptoms that i noticed where, alot of nauseous around my af day.

Frequently urinating, always bloated always always. Here and there weird sensation of my lower belly. Fatigue, tired A LOT. Maybe like onces in a year foul smell. Little or no discharge, and then the next month very wet discharge. OH AND THE MAIN THING, spotting instead of having an actual period, which always lead me to believe i was having implantation bleeding. Very light period one month, the next month normal period. But overall the very light and light red color , almost orange or pink flow during af.

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Also keep me updated after your GYN appt! Cycle sisters?


Right after I finished my medications I got pregnant ! To be exact 10 weeks after I went to get checked again the sti was gone with the medication And i found out I was pregnant !!! My wonderful babyboy is Now 18 Months. He was born April 19th,2016. Please don’t loose hope and GET TESTED! Most time mycoplasma and ureaplasma is the number 1 thing fertility clinics check for and they charge you an arm and a leg for it plus the medications!! Get checked ! PLEASE PLEASE let us know if you got checked, did it work for you? Were you able to conceive or still trying ? remember your story can help those in search of peace of Mind.

Good luck to all 😘💫