What should I do?

So I normally don't post thing especially when asking strangers. Anyways so I have been having pain in like my lower abdomen on the sides. It cause discomfort and slight back pain. My pee was fine and whatnot but it's starting to get uncomfortable to pee. my bowels are ok I guess. my periods are fine but seem to be getting lighter. I'm still a virgin and I don't believe in Gyno's. I have not been to a Dr in years due to not being able. This has been concerning me cause my pee is starting to smell like a cat peed on a carpet and it was put in the sun for three days(gross) I've been drinking water but it's not doing much. There is no odor or anything. It seems more of an inside thing. I was just wondering if I should be as worried as I am or if I should stop worrying so much. Should I go get blood work an a pee test done? I'm not sure. I haven't told anyone yet. Cancer runs through my family so I was just concered. (please nothing about the gyno!) Anything helps!