Should I? Shouldn’t I?

So there was a guy who was into me and forever trying something on me knowing me and my partner were in a rough spot in the middle of a breakup, the only thing stopping us was me being with my partner. Now we have split for good!! And this guy just had to move away for a family situation. His been gone for a few days only and I’m wondering should I talk to him, fill him in or just ignore it and see him when I see him? I mean now the only thing keeping us apart (not being able to hang & chill) is his in another place. I’m not 100% sure his feelings on me but I’ve built some for him, not sure if its cos I’ve broken up with my partner and mixed emotions or I’m just excited to be able to do what I want lol. It’s probably not a big deal to contact and talk to him, but only times we would talk would be when we saw eachother and him trying to get with me (even at my house while he came to visit my ex) 😂🤦‍♀️