Is there a chance???😩😭😳 (2 parts)

Mandy 💛

First month on Clomid after miscarrying almost a year ago and TTC ever since. Cycles after miscarriage went from regular 29 days to 45-69 days 😩 which is why I'm on Clomid. Had midcycle ultrasound on Thursday. One mature follicle, kinda thin lining. She predicted based on the size that I would O on Saturday. I've been OPKing and today is the first day I'm getting a darker second line. I BDed Friday night and Sunday night. Hubby left on business Monday. It's Tuesday and I'm getting darker OPKs. So my questions are:

Is this a positive OPK?

Is it possible I got pregnant BDing 2 days earlier when I Oed 3 days after my OBGYN predicted?!

Ugh why does TTC feel like a terrible science experiment???

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