irregular periods and fertile focus help!


can someone please give some advice. me and my partner are trying to conceive. We are finding it very hard as she doesn't have regular periods (3 in past year, last one was 9 weeks ago and the one before that 10 weeks apart) and no sign of another as of yet. We have been using fertile focus saliva test every day for the past 7 weeks along with the urine ovulation sticks. last week we thought we saw a transitional result on fertile focus but the next day it returned to negative. It got us down. then yesteday we saw what we thought was a quite strong fern (could be wrong) but again nothing today. does anyone know if it's possible to fern for just one day or are we just reading it wrong. any advice would be much appreciated as this is getting us down. (just been referred to fertility clinic so hopefully something will give soon at least)