Post MC Update: 2

Britt 🌲
Hi ladies. Well, my current cycle is almost over, and afterwards we have the green light to TTC again. I'm a little nervous, but I think it will be good for both of us to get back on the horse. Jamie really likes the idea of another potential February birthday in the family, so I'm happy to try for him. Still feeling moody, but physically I feel back to baseline. Been building more puppets (which involves working with toxic glue), drinking coffee, and eating soft cheeses & sushi. Making the best of this interim period. Still seeing my counselor. Feeling better about Mother's Day. Working up the courage to interview the nurse-midwife I was scheduled to see in March. Still not sure if I would prefer to work with a midwife or OB now, but it's really important that I work with someone sensitive and responsive. Also, you can watch my recorded miscarriage story on under "more voices." They are making a documentary and asked for submissions. Very cathartic. I mention you gals (not by name) and Glow. Wish me luck this time! I would appreciate it. 🌱