Did my baby stop growing?


So I went to the hospital Sunday morning for light sport. It was like 2 drops of light pink blood, but this is my 3rd baby and I never did that before so I was freaking out. At the ER they did a vaginal ultrasound. The lady wouldn’t answer my questions she just kept saying I was early. So after hours of waiting the doctor finally came in and told me they couldn’t see baby they could only see the sac and yolk which is normal for what I’m measuring which is 5 weeks. The problem is I am supposed to be 8 weeks. The first day of my last period was Sept 10th which puts my fertile window 20-30 which would make me 8 weeks. So yesterday I had my first baby appointment and she said either I’m only 5 weeks and my dates are wrong and I had a crazy cycle or a couple weeks ago my baby stopped growing 😱 after trying for 2 years for this one it’s really hard swallowing all of this. So she sent me for blood work to check all of my levels and again in 48-72 hours and an ultrasound for Friday to makes sure the baby is growing. I know it’s only Friday I have to wait but literally every second of the day I’m freaking out! I took 2 more pregnancy tests (one yesterday one this morning) to make sure my lines aren’t fading. And I got my test results back for the first round. Can anyone tell me if this is normal?