9 days late


I just feel like I need to get this off of my chest. My husband and I have been TTC since January for our first. My cycle is always pretty regular, and is typically around 31 days. AF is currently 9 days late.. I took two clear blue digital tests on 7 and 8 days late, that both came back negative. I feel constipated, slightly nauseous, and have sore nipples and abdominal tenderness/fullness. Increased appetite and some weight gain as well, but I don't know how much those account for, as far as pregnancy symptoms go. I think I just love eating! Lol

I know it's probably just a late period, but it is hard to be patient when your period is so late. The whole time you just continue to think, "there might be a chance!" I know multiple factors can prolong the start of a period as well. Time will tell I suppose, and we will keep trying! If I am more than 14 days late i will follow up with a blood test. Thanks for the opportunity to talk about it :) Best of luck to everyone!