Ava Bracelet review

I’ve been back and forth about posting this review, I hate to put a product down but this is not an inexpensive purchase and I wish I wouldn’t have bought into all the hype.

My husband purchased the Ava Bracelet for me in August after we suffered an eptopic pregnancy and I was desperate to get pregnant again. I was so excited hearing only positive stories and all the celebrity testimonials unfortunately for me this product didn’t live up to the hype.

My main issues:

1. Does NOT learn from your data. What I mean by this is that when I first started wearing the bracelet I wasn’t sure what the average length of my cycle was so I choose the not sure option. Since then I have learned (as well as other apps I have been using) that I have a particularly long cycle (40 days) the Ava Bracelet continues to think that I have a standard 28 day cycle which makes the data from my fertility window as well as when my period is expected wrong every single month. Needless to say this is frustrating and makes me wonder what the point of the bracelet is in the first place 😡

2. Secondly it doesn’t stay charged. Meaning when I wake up in the morning I plug it into sync my data and I allow it to charge to Green but when I go to put it on at night again I have to replug it back in the charger and let it charge for a good 10 minutes before I can put it back on. this doesn’t make sense to me seeing as though it was fully charged from the morning and It hadn’t been used since then and the sensor light had not gone off. Not a major issue here- I was willing to deal with the small annoyance but in combination with other issues it’s frustrating

3. Lastly as of the last four days I have had trouble plugging in at all. It started with out with not being able to sync my data no light would come on when I plugged it in I removed the bracelet strap and I was able to get it to charge and sync my data but it was very finicky I had to plug it in and replug it in multiple times. finally as of tonight it will not plug in at all, I get one flashing red light assuming that means there is some sort of error (which I can find no information about online) but it won’t charge and now I am unable to wear completely.

My final thoughts- The technology seems innovative and I do appreciate it tracking other parts of my health data but for the sake of using it as a fertility predictor it’s COMPLETELY USELESS . It’s an expensive product and I’m highly disappointed in the results, save the money and don’t believe the celebrity hype