My partner who’s been away for work is finally home and we made plans to spend our weekend at a night concert down by the river with our 2 kids (3yo/1yo) which sounds all good & a reason to be excited as we rarely ever leave the house as a family, its always him alone, then me with my kids. Whenever I do come up with family ideas he gives 101 reasons why we shouldn’t ago until my buzz is killed and I just say f#ck it we’ll stay. Now, his changed his plans for this weekend just so he can go with him friends to celebrate football. I know I should be used to it, but this time has really upset me especially because he’s been away for over a week working and the kids missed him dearly. I’m now starting to realise and see that every single time I make plans, something always seems more important/enjoyable for him 🙄🤔