Im honestly over the moon right now!! BTS is finally getting the recognition they worked so hard for!

They inspire me to try my best and work to make my dreams come true.


Ladies, if you don’t know who BTS is, I HIGHLY recommended them to you!

They are a Korean boy band consisting of 7 members. 4 vocals: Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, and V; and 3 rappers: J Hope, RM, and Suga.

Please do not be scared because they are a KPOP band or feel like they aren’t worth it.

I promise you they are nothing like you’ve ever seen before. They have a wide array of songs from many genres so take your pick!

I suggest watching the music videos if any... these are some songs based on genre:


- Cypher (any or all part)

-Mic Drop

-August D (solo by rapper Suga who’s underground rapper name is Agust D)

-Do You (solo by rapper RM a.k.a Rap Monster)

-We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2

-Silver Spoon

Dancing kind of Pop:




-Blood, Sweat, and Tears

-War of Hormone

Hard sounding rock/pop:

-Not Today

-Boy in Luv


-Look 4 More


Softer ballads:



-I Need U

-Serendipity (first English solo by jimin)


-Spring Day

-24/7 Heaven

-Save Me

More dancing based music videos:

-Boy Meets Evil (solo by main choreographer J-Hope)



-Not Today


-GoGo (halloween dance practice gives you a sense of their personalities)

-Watch any of their dance practices if possible!!

Ladies and gentlemen:: please give our boys a chance!

They talk about things that normal bands stay away from because they’re taboo.

They talk about peer pressure, puberty, depression, suicide, school, loving oneself, etc.

Their latest album “Her” strains the concept of loving yourself.

Give them a chance, I swear you won’t regret it.

Pics of the boys below!!

RM (leader, rapper)

J-Hope (rapper, main choreographer)

Suga (rapper)

Jin (vocalist, eldest)

Jimin (vocalist)

V (vocalist)

Jungkook (vocalist, youngest)

I hope I persuaded you to at least watch one video...

P.S. ARMY (the fan base) comment any other songs or dance practices that they DEFINITELY need to watch!!