Am I being stupid

Okay my boyfriends pop (his mums dad) passed away last year on my boyfriends 21st birthday. Obviously I can understand how devastated his mum is but my boyfriend missed out on his 21st birthday (not that he cared) and we ended up having a joint party for me and him later on in the year... his mum didn't say happy birthday to me and didn't get me anything (all I wanted was a happy birthday from her) but my boyfriend has 4 other brothers with girlfriends and my boyfriends mum loves them so much and always writes nice things to them as well as posting photos about how they are her daughter in laws and stuff... I actually get offended and hurt considering I do a lot for them! Now today she has messaged me saying they want to do something for the pops death anniversary which happens to fall on the same day as my boyfriends birthday & she suggested strippers.. I'm all for my boyfriend having fun but I feel like they all hate me and want us to break up..

During the year they had told my boyfriend that I was going to fall pregnant to try and trap him in the relationship.. (anyone can see how much I love and adore my boyfriend of nearly 2years) I'm actually really hurt because it's one of the brothers girlfriends birthday today and his mum has gone all out and bought her things as well as writing a really nice post about her on fb...

I just feel like they hate me.. what should I do