26 weeks pregnant..discharge every day and it smells!

I don't know what going on but it's driving me crazy. first I was having ALOT of pelvic pain which is happening again right now. I can't even walk normal because it's painful! it's worse if I lay down for awhile then try to get up. then I started to feel uncomfortable while urinating, it would bother me I'm not sure how to explain. it wouldn't burn or itch but it would be so uncomfortable to pee. I also started noticing that my underwear would be "wet" and I'll constantly have to change underwear halway through the day because it would feel gross. right now im getting all of these symptoms as I'm typing and I smell a odd order 😭😭 idk what's going on. I kept reading it can be a UTI but if never had one so idk if it's that. I also went today at the doctors and my midwife thought it might me a UTI so I peed in a cup so they can test it. I have to wait til Friday but im just worried and scared if it can be something else. any thoughts??