BFP stories?


Hey ladies, anyone who already has children or is currently pregnant, can you tell me how long it took to get a BFP on a test?

I’m currently 9 days late. I’m having symptoms ( nausea, exhaustion, constipation, sore nipples.) but I can’t seem to get a positive on a test. I haven’t tested again for the past three days but we bought more today. We’re planning on taking one pretty soon, I just don’t know if another BFN can discourage me any more than the previous two already have. Sending baby dust to everyone! Keep your fingers crossed for me! 😭

Update: 10 days late, no period but brown discharge when I wiped. No cramping and not enough for a pad. Send me baby dust, I need it. I’m a nervous wreck. I was planning on testing in the morning. I might if my period doesn’t just randomly show. 😅