Leaving EBF baby for the weekend


My husband and I will be traveling for our friends' wedding New Years weekend. My parents have said they would make the drive too and babysit our daughter, who will be 4 months old then, for the wedding and then New Years <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">Eve</a> too. However, I have pumped way more than we thought and there is enough in the freezer for bottles for the whole weekend (or at least will be with a little more pumping by then). My parents said they would just prefer to keep her at home then. While I don't really want to be away from her for 3 days, it would save us a lot of money to not have to pay for a hotel room for my parents. My concern is will only pumping instead of nursing for the weekend decrease my supply? I also worry that my daughter would prefer bottles after taking them for 3 days straight. She has done great going back and forth from breast to bottle, but only has a bottle about every other day or so. Does anyone have experience with this and leaving baby for weekend? I just don't want to create a problem where she won't nurse or I don't continue to produce enough milk. Thank you for any advice!