How do I explain stranger danger ?


Sorry in advance for the long post.

How do I explain stranger danger to my 3 year old?? I don’t want to ruin her innocence, the world is still a wonderful place to her child mind and I don’t want to destroy that. BUT she walks up to any and EVERYone and tells them her full name and anything that comes to mind (like even if I just took a poop or something). Yesterday we were at Walmart returning something. She insisted on the super long cart with the double seats, I had my back to her (she was buckled & doesn’t know how to unbuckle) but when I turned back around she was talking to a lady who was commenting on her pretty smile. Whatever innocent enough. But then my daughter goes “can we go to her house??” I replied “do you even know her name?” “No. But we can go to her house then know it”

I don’t know how to get across to her that not all people are nice & good. Sorry again for the long post!