Tiana • Separated•Single mom• Angel Baby: Carter S. RIH 12.22.16💙 • Rainbow baby: Jasper M.💙11/18/17🤞🏽 • Pregnant w AMSH Due 07/18/2020💙 #BoyMom

Sooo I’m going into labor soon (induced Sunday night) and everyone is trying to talk me into allowing my mom in the delivery room with me and the dad! Well my first son I lost him (stillborn) and the entire time in labor my mom got on my LAST nerves...she slept the entire time and during that time she farted, snored, and talked in her epidural didn’t work so I was beyond in pain and irritated!

I’ve always pictured delivering my first child would be special for me and the dad. Me and the dad are not together but since we lost our first child I wanted this to be a moment just for us regardless of everything he’s done! This pregnancy has really been a rollercoaster for me...and I just want one thing to go my way without anyone thinking I’m selfish...I know this is special for her cause it’s her first grandchild but her and the father of my child made this pregnancy want to be my the point at first he wasn’t even allowed in the room...and when they are around each other it’s too much tension in the room and honestly I don’t need that at all since I’m high risk already!

Someone help me please!!! 😔