Gender Reveal

OKAY SO, in the beginning of my pregnancy, I’m talking 6-7 weeks, my SO and I decided that we would have his older sister and my mother handle our gender reveal. Meaning, only they would know the gender until the actual reveal. EVERYONE knew this.

So about three weeks ago, my mom and his sister made plans with me to sit down and discuss the reveal. WELL, I made a post on FaceBook shortly making the plans with them, talking about how my baby is kicking me all the time. My SOs mother then calls me and says “IM GLAD THAT BABY IS KICKIN YOU BECAUSE YOURE MOM GETS TO KNOW THE GENDER AND I DONT!”

So then the day of the meeting comes and HIS MOM AND STEP DAD JUST SHOW UP!!!! She says, “oh I’m not here for any of the reveal stuff I just wanted to see everyone!”

so I’m like okay here we go..

So my mom and his sister start taking about the reveal and she starts throwing in her two cents about EVERY SINGLE THING.

When they finally left my mom, his sister, and I were so frustrated we ended up just making plans for her to come to our house (which we told no one about) so we can actually get things done.

Am I crazy for being so frustrated? I told everyone very early what the plans were and who would know. She has been pushy and suggestive in the past but never like this and she’s never just invited herself to something. It was just so rude to me.