Got my period... Again.

I could proudly describe myself as a strong person but the last three months I am just realizing that I am actually getting worser with this facade and this time I could not hold my tears back when I did get my period.

I have been ttc for +2 years. What is wrong with me? I am feeling for giving up on this shit and change my future plans and be striving for drinking wine with my hubbie every other day, instead.

I don’t take any special vitamins or so, I have only been to the doctor once and she did say that my eggs were looking good. I just did have low D-vitamin. But I don’t think it can/will effect anything.

Should I visit a clinic with the hubby to go over the details a little bit better? Before I get weaker & more sensitive about this or should I just fuck it and give up?... but how do I give up, when it is everything I could ever fucking wish for.

I am so sad! And I don’t want to cry because honestly I am nothing compared to other people who have been trying for years. But I am so tired of this. What should I do?