On a serious note.. being someone’s first

Destiny • Queer Woman Of Color 🏳️‍🌈

I’ve been with multiple women and I’ve always been attracted to women that have experienced things with other women before but it never goes to my liking they always end up being ass holes, ex issues, girl issues etc. but there is this one girl i rekindled with from high school. She is so sweet and she is a lesbian BUT she hasn’t even had sex with a girl before let alone kissed one (i was her first kiss) but i get nervous and fall back because I’ve never been someone’s first I’m scared of pursuing and her falling for me and it’s not the same on my side. Don’t get me wrong I’m into her and my intentions aren’t wrong and it’s not just about sex. She is a beautiful great person but idk what to do.. how do i teach her? How do i start? She literally knows NOTHING not even how to tongue kiss! So I’ll be her first in EVERYTHING! Can someone give me advice on how i would approach the situation?