Am I doing the right thing?


I guess this is like an update and a post asking for advice. If anyone has seen the "Confessions" post, and have seen my comment about my parents constantly abusing me, my mom telling me to kill myself and my dad saying that I could starve to death, and he wouldn't care... Well this is kinda an update then.

I had multiple women replying to the comment, giving me advice and also telling their story. I really appreciate all the feedback. (You could try to find the post and read it).

Well, long story short, I came back to my parent's house, thinking they had changed from their abusive ways because they were loving after I moved out. I came back because my husband was deploying and this is his second deployment. His first deployment, my mental health was not doing so well and he believed it would be best if I had people to be around while he was gone. They became abusive again and I feel like my depression & anxiety just hit rock bottom. I cried to my husband multiple times, begging him to get me out of here and to have me live somewhere else. He was not having it. He just kept wanting me to stay and part of me was starting to resent him because I felt like he was caring more about how much he's saving from deployment and me living with my parents so he could pocket the BAH, instead of caring about my mental health.

Fast forward, I finally got my husband to do something. We found an apartment back at his duty station and I will be moving back there in two and a half weeks. The thing I need advice on is that I just recently got a job. I've been working there for two weeks now. My parents are trying to kick me out now. They said I have two months to get out literally right after I got hired. I've been working to get away from this environment but I still feel on edge when I get off of work.

Am I doing the right thing by quitting my job to move and get away from my parents? I feel guilty about it because I just started there. I never brought up my personal problems because it's not professional. My managers think all life is happy for me. I feel like my manager is going to hate me when I inform her that I have to move. What should I do? Two weeks notice? How do I go about this? What do I say? I feel like there wouldn't be a two weeks notice because they would just want me out right then and there.