I just need somewhere to vent, and if anyone has any tips it would be greatly appreciated. My son lost 11% of his weight by 3 days old, I was exclusively breastfeeding at the time. The pedi basically made me start supplementing with formula because I just wasn’t making enough milk for him. They sent me on my way and told me to put him to breast a couple times a day. Well now he is 1 month old and basically won’t go to breast anymore because he knows he can get it faster from a bottle.

I pump everyday, what feels like all day, so I know I have milk, but I feel like a failure and I feel so angry that I let the doctors office take this away from me. Are there any moms out there with similar experiences that have successfully transitioned back to the breast?

My husband wants me to stop trying altogether because it upsets me so much when the baby cries when I try to feed him, but this is so important to me.