Cold during pregnancy

Amanda • Ttc since may 2017, bfp on nov 7th! Baby #1

Hey ladies, so I recently found out I’m pregnant. 4 weeks 2 days, and my throat is super sore, o think I’m coming down with a cold. What have you ladies done to ease your cold symptoms while pregnant.

I’m on day 2-3 of cold and already coughing stuff up, which I guess is a good sign that it is moving along...

So far this is what I have tried:

Zinc/elderberry lozenges

99% honey lozenges

Hot water bottle on chest at night to break up mucus

Lots of tea

Bone broth

Gargle with salt water/baking soda and half of crushed Tylenol

Throat and lung honey tonic

I did take some oregano oil but then read that it might not be a good idea....